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I’ve thought about blogging on for some time now, but thought it was only available if the blogger had their own domain name. I realize that is where the money is, for when you pay for your site you have a lot more control over how your pages make money.

A few days ago I thought I’d check out the site and see what is available here, and found that it is possible to start blogging for free. Later when I have a following I can make the necessary changes so this can become a profitable blog for me.

Even though it’s suggested to any that want to do a blog, that they pick one subject to blog about, I wonder whether anyone other than myself finds that difficult to stick to? With this in mind I will be posting on various topics that I am interested in, or that I can’t help but write about.

I’d like to discuss the places writer’s such as yourself have found that pay decently for blogs or articles, or at least places where you enjoy displaying your work with a future goal of¬†monetizing your blog and articles.


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