Daily Improvements

It seems that every time I turn around, there are daily improvements to making one’s blog better. Some of those improvements have to do with Social Media, some are related directly to blogging or writing articles.

The benefits of Social Media is that is the main way of developing a following. Just about all of the blogging sites allow one to publish a blurb about a new post directly to whatever Social Media platform you are a member of.

Once you have people that are actively following you and actively seeking the information you provide, they will be paying attention to the platforms you publish your posts to. As time goes on, your hope will be that they will have a subscription to your blog, and provide back links to it along with share it with their friends.

Google now has many new things, some of which is expected to vaporize both Facebook and Twitter in the future. That is called Google +. The unfortunate thing is that it has been said that if a person has Google +, Facebook might ban them from their Facebook page if both platforms are found on the same computer.

This could hurt Facebook in the long run as when people are forced to make decisions that undermine their freedoms, often the place they’ve spent the longest time in and built the most friendships and links is the one they do not choose to stay with, especially if that is the platform that is shutting the door on exploration.


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