More Freelance Web Sites

Originally posted on June 28th 2011 on one of my other wordpress blogs.

I was able to connect with a group that trains writers, a few years ago. They have a web site and when I was a member they also sent out bi-monthly job reports. They offered tips for working as a freelance writer, working from home and gave suggestions for freelance sites and forums to help the freelancer succeed in his craft.

One of their suggestions was Although absolute write is not looking for submissions now, nor do they expect to be needing any in the future, they still have a plethora of information available on their web site for both the experienced and new writer, for not only freelance writing but writing in all genres and types. This site is well worth checking out.

Another web site they suggested that is still in business is This site seems more limited than the one above, but they do have several authors listed that show ways to find jobs writing online. They also have an affiliate marketing program and free newsletters.

Another one I almost passed over while checking out something else that didn’t pan out was, This one also looks to have a large amount of information to check out.

The group that shares all this information is There is a charge for their membership, but you are able to download free materials and e-books, unless that has changed since I was a member.


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