Spinning Articles

Originally published on 7/9/11

Something I’ve never heard about before recently is spinning articles or spinning content. It’s a way to allow your articles to be published with more than one website without repeating content. It sounds like a nifty idea, and I will be studying it more to understand it and find out if sites that look for new material really don’t mind taking this type of article, or if it’s really something that is abhorred.

On one of the writing sites of which I’m a member, someone was commenting about ODesk, which is another place where writers can promote their craft. Without looking into it completely, it looks to me very similar to Elance, which I’ve mentioned earlier.

On the ODesk page, several companies state that they are looking for spun articles. Having never heard this term before, I thought I’d check it out further.

Yesterday, while traversing around the web, as my manner is when I have extra time I happened upon a website known as sociaLmonkee.com. Social Monkee is a way to get back links to your blog or website using the spinner when used properly it will send your post to 25 different websites without duplicating content.

The writer decides which words will get spun. It is also suggested that the title along with the description and the tags are spun also. To spin something the words that are spun are surrounded by the squiggle brackets. Let me take a moment to discuss these brackets. I’ve always called them squiggle brackets for lack of a better name and I see that is what they are called in the UK. They are also known as curly brackets and in the USA they are called braces. Other countries have their own name for them.

Let me use the title of this post as an example. I don’t believe I’d try to change the first word ‘Spinning’ as it’s still a new term and any other word may be misunderstood. ‘Articles’ though, I could call writings, or feature, or report, or column.

You would put {articles|writings|column|feature}. This would be the proper set-up for spinning the title. Now, personally I’m not sure that I would want to use all those words, as when you put them with spinning, some don’t sound quite right. Although if the right words were added within each section, then it may work out just fine. An example of that would be: Spinning {articles|writings|posts|a column|feature column} (or feature article) I suppose would work just as well.

I would suggest that when you spin your work you take into consideration how the various connections might work together, or not work together as the case may be. You wouldn’t want your work to appear to be written by someone who doesn’t really know how to write.

It is suggested that you spin every other word, which would allow you enough combinations of your article that more than one publisher could carry the article without the content being exactly the same at each location.

So, if you wanted to find jobs at ODesk then this would be the format for spinning your article. You do the spinning, well- that’s not quite right. You pick the words you want to be spun, the spinner actually does the spinning.

With Social Monkee, you put certain things that it requests into a format, then it sends what you have picked out to up to twenty-five different sites to serve as back-links to your articles, or website or blog.

Social Monkee is free for a time, they are hoping that you are able to encourage twelve of your friends into using their program which will allow you to be upgraded into their premium membership, or you can purchase the upgrade yourself for a low one time fee. Quite realistic, really.


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