I had hoped…

I had hoped to show pros and cons about the various places a person could submit articles to on the web and how the payments schedules went. I’m currently taking six credit hours at a community college nearby and will have to wait until one of my classes are over (before November) before I get started on this-I think.

There are several places that seem to only showcase your work for you, even though it’s considered as published once it’s available somewhere on the web, if you’re not getting paid for them, oh well. There is a UK site where I was paid up front for five articles, but I’ve not been paid a dime since then. I’m considering pulling the articles and putting them elsewhere. I just have to check with the new place and make sure they will take them since they are not brand new.

Another thing I could do-if that spinning idea is legit-would be to change my own articles so that they aren’t exactly the way they were written previously, but again I have to check if this is an okay method to use or whether it’s frowned upon.

So if you want to know more about various paying sites, or those that don’t pay before you list your articles with them, come on back and I will plan on sharing what information I have with you.


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