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Over the past few days, I found new information about different ways to make money online. The first one I found is similar to one I mentioned earlier. The one I found several years ago is at, while the one I found yesterday is at They are set up the same way. It’s possible to be a writer -of various types, or sell your knowledge of web design, and all the different types of technology if you know and understand what you’re doing in those fields.

A new person works through a series of skills. There are one or two that are free, the rest of them have a small fee attached. As the skills are worked through, the individual’s ratings increase.

Those that are looking for someone to meet their needs posts what the job entails on the site. Each person that is interested in a specific job, bids on those jobs. Then the prospective employer accepts whichever bid they like.

If a person wants to pay a fee for being a part of the site, they are entitled to a Gold membership, which means they may get more work than those that have the free membership.

Along with making money online by selling a service of some type, another way is to be an affiliate for specific products or websites. For instance many of the  web-hosting locations have affiliate programs available for their members to make additional money.

Today, I located two new ones, although I still have some work to do to understand them before sharing more about them here.


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