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I joined another freelancing site similar to Elance in which the organization allows writers to be matched up with jobs. Generally, writers state how much they will charge to write an article or story or whatever it is the person paying wants. Some are even looking for ghost writers.

The new site I registered with is simply called: I thought it was, which would be very easy to remember, but after trying to log in several times, I checked my list of websites I’ve joined and found it was really

There is a but I didn’t join that one and don’t plan on it at this time, so I don’t know how different it may be. works in a similar manner to Elance except when an author has been around for a bit, they will have ratings and other specification under their name so that those considering them for a job would know how reliable they might be. The same goes for those paying for skills requested.

Elance may actually have these same ratings in place by now. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve checked out their site.

After I registered for, I read that those type of sites were questionable at best since a lot of those looking for work are from other countries and offer their skills for less money than most writers in the US would want to consider, making it harder for the rest of us to make decent money doing what we enjoy.

Once I read that, I decided not to visit either site any longer, or consider it for a way to make some extra money. Since then, though, I did hear from another writer that those sites are just as valid of a place to offer services as magazines or newspapers. In fact, a writer or other skill provider might find that they are able to make more money from working for this type of site than they would in certain venues, especially if they would be seen as an unknown.


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