Some of you may have located the rest of this article yourself, but for the rest of you here it is.

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Right, so once you’ve gone through the questions I posed in my last post and decided that you are suited to freelance work, and you’ve been on the initial courses that I recommended, it’s time to set up good, reliable working practices right from the start. These are some things I’ve found handy:

•    Prioritise. This is key. Make sure you have time for work, yourself and other people. If you work all hours, you’ll run yourself into the ground. That won’t do anyone any good. And if you are likely to end up doing lots of little projects …
•    Organise. I set up a Gantt chart on a spreadsheet – clients down the side, dates along the top, and I colour-block in dates that projects are booked in for, changing the colour as they arrive, when I’ve invoiced, when they’ve paid.  It’s a really good…

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