Hope to Be Able to Post Again Soon

Microsoft Word 2010, New Office Button

Microsoft Word 2010, New Office Button (Photo credit: IvanWalsh.com)

I hope to be back to posting on my blog again. I’ve been working diligently on proofing my husband’s book and getting it ready for submitting it to a small press publisher. I had hoped to be done with it long before now, but things weren’t falling into place as much as I had hoped that it would.

I keep running into snags having to do with margins and tabs, for some reason even after I’ve set it up, my Microsoft Word program keeps moving the margins around. I finally figured out what I need to do to put it back where it belongs, but it’s time consuming-not an easy task at all.

Along with the margins and tabs, I’m putting each chapter into one complete document. It started there, but I found it was easier to copy and past each individual chapter into its own document to work with, and save it that way, rather than trying to figure out where I was each time I got back into working on it.

I was hoping I would be able to send it in tonight, but since I saw some margins out of place, unexpectedly, I need to fix them first before continuing.

I’m supposed to have a different header for the title page than I do for the rest of the document. I had it set up at one point, and then later the program decided to change the whole thing to match the title page rather than what was needed for the rest of the ms. Annoying to say the least.

I planned on sending it in today, now it looks like it might be tomorrow or Tuesday. Hope it won’t be later than that.


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