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I began a new website recently. I still have much to do with it, but the main reason I started it was to have a place to fine all the places I’ve utilized to write. Mostly I’ve linked the several Word Press blogs I have, but I also am trying to link my lenses from So far, though, the link I have provided takes you to their main sign up page.

Since I have all the blogs on Word Press, I probably won’t be utilizing the blog on the website at least until a later date.

Yesterday, while entering a story I wrote several years ago into a contest on a writing site I’ve been a part of since November of 2007, I decided I might try to compile stories I have of a similar nature into a book and see how I might do in getting it published.

The website can be found here:

I do want to say that if anyone decides to get their own free site, consider first what name you might want it to be called. It tells you that you can change the name after you’ve set it up, but I realized too late that it is probably talking about the name on the site, not the URL, as I’ve not been able to change that as I thought I could.

Another thing I like about this site is that it has ways to set up stores online, and you don’t need to have a paying site to use what is available. So far, I have cafe press set up, although I still need to figure out what products I want available and how the whole thing works.

Every day is a learning adventure, right?


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  1. Hi Marsha. I copied the link and tried to go to the website, but google wouldn’t take me there. Links are so annoying. Thanks for letting me know about the magazine link on my blog. I’ll find the new one.

    Have a nice week.

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