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It’s interesting to me that even when I’ve not been consistent in posting, that I still get people from all over the world checking out my blogs on Word Press. Imagine what it would be like if I were to post on a daily basis, or at least on a regular basis? How awesome might the response be then?

It would be nice if readers did a bit of commenting so those of us that blog would know what it is that our readers are looking for in our blogs. I’d be interested in knowing whether they are finding what they were searching out, or whether they are left wanting, as the latter would not be something those of us that write would want them to feel.

I have a friend with a new blog on blogspot that wonders, as we all do, why it is that she has many views but not so many comments. I don’t know that even the guru’s have an easy answer to that question.

People want to read, some don’t want to get involved on a more personal level. Some of it may be related to how easy it is to make comments. Some blog platforms want you to be a part of that particular site to post a comment.

I will have to check it out, but I think it’s only blogspot that currently allows commenting from even those without any affiliation to their own blog or website, this may be known as ‘Open ID‘. I do have to make sure that Word Press hasn’t made these changes also in allowing just about everyone to comment if they so choose.

Not only do the blog platforms need to have a wide range of ID’s for those that want to comment, but the blog owner needs to make sure that they are utilizing whatever it is that their blog host has available. They need to check periodically in the hopes  that the platform they use increases the options available for the one that wishes to comment.



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4 responses to “Blog Readers

  1. Hi Marsha. Very good question. I’ve wondered the same thing. I have a lot of followers, but few comments. I think maybe sometimes people want to say something but are busy at the time and plan to come back later. If they’re like me, they forget. 🙂 Nice blog.

  2. Hi there. I agree with the writer above, I think many people are just busy. Personally I don’t seem to find the time to do 10% of the things I want to do never mind those I don’t. With blogging in particular I find I can only keep up to a dozen or so, and commenting on those plus any of the others I may come across seems daunting. And that is of course no reflection on the blog. Sometimes just the fact people read the post has to be enough.
    At any rate I do appreciate your attention in ‘like’ing my post, it’s gratifying, and thank you!.

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