Let’s Go Nano-ing, Shall We?

Even though I’m posting this on 10/31/12, I worked on writing it the day before hoping to write even more. I may write another post later today while everyone else is ‘trick or treating’.


What is nano-ing, you might ask? Nano is short for NaNoWriMo, and that in turn is short for National Novel Writing Month, which is in November.

The goal of nano is to write a 50k word novel in one month, the idea is to write, write, write without going back and doing any editing whatsoever. Those entering the contest aren’t supposed to begin the novel before the first of November, so it’s highly improbable that anyone would have it ready for publication when November is over.

In fact, I ran across a nanoedmo contest elsewhere. That stands for National Novel Editing Month. Most of the things we write needs editing not just once, but several times to make it the best.

I am a submission editor for a Small Press publishing company and one thing I have found is that many new authors have a friend, spouse, or relative read their work, and if that person doesn’t see issues that need fixing then the author figures it’s good to go.

I’ve seen this from experience also. I know someone close to me that wrote a murder/suspense novel. He allowed several co-workers to read it as it he got chapters finished. All of them loved the book. I found a few things that needed to be changed, and he had a problem fixing them because the rest of those that read it had no problem with what I felt were inconsistencies.

We did have a writer friend take a look at it and she pointed out several things that we needed to change relating to punctuation and certain grammar issues. Even then it didn’t pass muster when sent in. The submission editor there found things that I didn’t think about, (I’m still new at this). When it’s revised I hope to find someone with an English major, or a degree in copy-editing to make sure it’s right.

But, I digress. After joining the writing site, I found out about nano and had an idea of what I could write when the contest began. I don’t remember what I wrote about, but I know I didn’t do very well. During that month I read things about some of the participants taking part in a prep group to get ready for putting their all into writing during the designated month.

There is a whole list of things they try to accomplish to get ready to write without actually writing the novel before the contest begins. Things like working out a back-story for both the antagonist and protagonist. Another thing they do is draw a map. It could be a map of the world if it’s a sci-fi/fantasy novel. For my second attempt, it was the inside of a factory where much of the story takes place. Doing this prep in October hopefully makes it easier for the creative juices to flow in November without drying up, or getting the dreaded ‘writer’s block’.

The second time I participated, I did most of the prep work in October that helped me write more than I did the first time, although I still fell short of the goal of 50k words. I’m not sure whether inexperience had something to do with it or not having enough meat to the story line, or working more than expected.

Since then, I haven’t bothered to consider nano. A friend on the writing site began several years ago to do something that she calls Nano Rebel, she did this only on the writing website, not on the official web site. She is hoping to do freelance work and writing articles more than writing novels.

She invited others to become a nano rebel this year with here. I wasn’t going to do it because I thought if I don’t have the time to write a novel, then I wouldn’t have the time to do that either, but since then, I have changed my mind.

I need to build consistence in my writing habits and what better way to do this than to participate in this way. Included in this project will be writing on my many blogs, writing new articles or stories, doing reviews and things of that nature. Basically anything new I write. It won’t include editing something previously written.

I’m not sure yet where I will post my endeavors. I may make a new page on this blog to contain my nano rebel efforts and divide it up according to the type of writings it is including. I considered putting it on my webs blog as I haven’t used that one yet other than saying I wasn’t planning on using it. I get a lot of views here, so it would make sense to use Word Press as the place to display this.

My goal will be to write approximately 1666 words per day.

This post is 863 words.



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9 responses to “Let’s Go Nano-ing, Shall We?

  1. Good luck with NANO. I’m not participating, but know several writers that are. Keep us posted how it goes.

    • Thanks, I didn’t realize until yesterday that I could officially sign up and not do an actual novel. I can also sign up to finish one, or at least work on one of many I began years ago. I’ll save that idea for another year when I can ruminate on it more than just one day.

  2. Hi Marsha. I think I’m a nano-rebel. I’m too busy trying to ground myself in all the possibilities that exist. I have a degrees in English and am able to help you if you would like.

    • I read that about your degrees and such, that is why I asked about the editing. My husband wrote a book, and we already sent it to a small press, he’s revising it and then we want someone to make sure it’s right before sending it back.

      What do you charge, do you have a basic rate?

      • For editing, $40.00 an hour. For revision, it depends.

        • Maybe after we publish a book or two we’ll keep you in mind. That’s a bit over our head right now. He’s trying to revise it himself, then a friend may take a look at it, one that has been at this longer than we have.

          I’m an intern submission editor at a small press and I see a lot that comes in where it’s not checked out thoroughly for mistakes before submission.

          Thanks for answering.

          • Hi Marsha,

            I understand. I’ve seen mistakes in almost all works–newspapers, university textbooks and more.

            It appears, as you say, no one “thoroughly” checks for mistakes before submitting pieces.

            Best wishes on your endeavors!

  3. 최다해 gongjumonica

    How’s your nano going on? I admit I don’t have the courage yet to enter this kind of challenge. I am a reader first and writer second. Though it seems I have a never ending thoughts to write, they are not that worthy to be included in a novel. However, perhaps after a year or so, I will be able to join another one like this. :0

    Good luck in writing!

    • This is the first year I’m writing as I am for nano. This year I’m a nano rebel. That means you don’t have to write a novel if you don’t want to, you can count emails or any writing that you do on a document, blog or to friends. You can even work on a book you began previously; there is even a nano rebel forum on the official nano site.

      I’ve done nano the regular way twice before, but never made the 50k goal. This year, I found out that this was available the day before nano began, so this is what I decided to do. Next year I may choose to work on a novel I started years ago.

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