How to Get More Followers

There are several ways to get more followers. The first one is something that WordPress recommends and that is to post on a regular basis, preferable daily. If daily won’t work for the blogger, then they could post weekly or at least on a consistent basis, (hopefully more consistent than I have previously).

Another way to get more followers is to link to  blogs that suggested by the Zementa feature at the bottom of the posting screen. For every theme I’ve used this feature is always on the bottom right, underneath the tag area.

Depending on what kind of blog you have or who your readers are, you may want to read several posts in the blog that you are considering linking to, as some of them may have topics or material unfit for your basic readership.

Another thing you can do when reading some of those posts, is comment or like them. I always make sure that I take time to read sections rather than liking them for liking’s sake. Otherwise it’s almost as if we’re spamming, and that’s not a valid reason for making comments or liking another person’s blog. I’m sure most of us don’t like it when we find those that comment or like our posts for the wrong reasons.

Something else that each of us can do that have blogs, is to reply to those that comment on our blogs, and even those that simply like our blogs. That would be one way to develop a relationship with that person.

I’ve even taken some time to check out other people who have made comments on the blogs of others; I have found some interesting blogs that way that I would not have found otherwise. It’s another way to make connections.

We’ve discussed:

  • post consistently, whether daily, weekly or whatever works for you
  • utilize the Zementa feature that WordPress provides
  • take time to read and then comment or like the posts of other bloggers
  • check out those that comment on posts made by other bloggers

Another other thing to think about:

  • Using tags and/or categories

Something else I’ve noticed is that almost all bloggers have no problem tagging their posts, but many of them do not give their posts categories. Maybe it doesn’t really matter, but what if it does in the long run help to utilize both categories and tags? Can you imagine going through all your old posts to give each of them appropriate categories?

I know that I am busy enough as it is, that is not something I would want to do. From my perspective if it didn’t really matter whether or not we used the category feature, then why is it there in the first place?

I thought I would check out WordPress to see what they had to say about using categories and tags. Here is the link.

In a nutshell categories are general while tags are more specific. An example is given in the link. They do suggest that the blogger use between five and fifteen of one or the other or both combined or your blog may not show up in the topics listing.

Maybe I’ll check that out one day, I didn’t know there was a topics listing.

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2 responses to “How to Get More Followers

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been blogging for five months now and I still don’t know what I am doing (or not doing) in gaining followers, commenters, and even visitors. However, I feel glad whenever I see my stats page. It literally grew! With that, I am currently hosting an appreciation giveaway and I hope you can join 🙂

    • Do you remember what you did to find my blog? Did you use the Zementa feed (I don’t think so, as it usually brings up blogs similar to your tags and topics). If you remember how you found my blog, then that may be how others are finding yours.

      For me, I checked out yours because you either liked or commented on mine first.

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