Understanding Exclusive Rights Along with PLR

I was working on a different post today concerning the decision writers should make concerning whether they want their work to be posted somewhere online or saved solely on their computers to be published at a later date.

I thought about sharing the different rights a person has when their work is displayed on the various web sites around the internet, as some places have the items available on their sites while giving exclusive rights to the author of that item.

There are other places, though, that might confiscate the writer’s work, so each person needs to take the time to read the terms and conditions of each place they are considering to display or publish their work to make sure they are able to publish it elsewhere at a later time if they so choose.

While looking things up, I came across the term PLR which stands for Private Label Rights. This is explained more fully in an article/blog post on http://www.ezinearticles.com. I will let you read the article and if you’d like you can also take a look at some of the comments. You will find that there are people that agree and disagree with this website’s stand on the topic.


Along with talking about PLR articles and explaining what they are, it also talks about spinning articles and similar concepts. When I began writing years ago, I did consider spinning my own articles, but when I understood what it was and how it was done I decided it was somewhat stupid, for sometimes the words that were substituted made the sentence incorrect.

The post I have linked above talk about certain things they  allow with plr articles while other things are frowned upon. I think certain writers quit writing for that company years ago, yet the suggestions made may be universal concepts recommended by many article sites, magazines and newspapers. I say may be, because I haven’t researched it out; possibly one day I will.

In the following link ezine discusses other ways that authors can change material that is presented, but can they claim exclusive rights to the item?


One of the points they make is concerning what is called derivative content. This is when you re-write an article you have written previously. On ezine articles, they want only original content, so even if it is your own article to begin with, if you are re-writing it, it doesn’t fit the original content format they want and won’t be accepted.

There are a log of different sites online as you all probably know by now. Some of them are paying sites while others say they will pay, but sometimes I wonder whether they ever will. Many of them let you retain all rights to your writing, but that would be something you would want to make sure of before displaying your items on their sites.

I will be talking about more of this later.




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