What is Your Favorite December Tradition?

December 1, writing prompt for the day: What is Your Favorite December Tradition?

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My favorite December tradition is driving around to see all the lights on people’s houses. I remember my siblings and myself all piling into the car with my parents while we drove around to see if there were any new lights anywhere from years past. Surprisingly, my parents didn’t seem to mind driving hither and yon for about an hour, to provide this tradition for us as they were conscious of not spending too much money on extraneous things.

My parents were not frivolous with their money, so I was surprised when they still enjoyed taking us to see the lights.

For my children, we did check out the lights somewhat when my daughters were young, but it wasn’t a yearly tradition as I worked a lot of nights.

One thing we did do was to let our daughters open one gift on Christmas Eve. Doing this had several benefits, the best one being that they were more willing to sleep in a little longer before wanting to open the rest of the gifts.

While looking through the related links I thought about Holiday music. That is one tradition, if it would be called that, that I enjoyed growing up, when my kids were young and even now I find myself singing to the radio. Even yesterday, an elderly gentleman was leaving with his cart of groceries and singing (at first almost under his breath), but later quite a bit louder. I wished he could have stayed and serenaded us, he had a great voice.

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