Checking In With My Readers

Just thought I’d stop and check in with my readers. I’ve stopped doing the 30 day blogging challenge if you didn’t notice that already on your own. Since I’m trying to get things done in my house so I can delegate more of my free time this winter to research and writing in my many blogs, I decided that any extra thing I get involved in takes away from my goals in that area.

I did the prompt blogging for six days, and that was enough. I found that all the members of the group weren’t even doing the posting this month as it’s considered an unofficial month. Every other month is either official or unofficial. On the unofficial months the members that want to take part take turns giving a prompt while the rest write something relating to that prompt.

For the official months the group leader gives all the prompts and there are prizes involved to those that participate. Nano took enough of my time,.I need to minimize the extra tasks I take on, not make things worse, otherwise, I’ll never get things accomplished.

I’m hoping to work the revisions into my husband’s book within the month and then begin to send his manuscript to a friend that has agreed to proof it for us. Rather than working with the small press as we had planned we may check into publishing the ebook format first with Amazon.




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3 responses to “Checking In With My Readers

  1. I don’t do well with challenges. Something always seems to interupt my efforts. Six days sounds good to me. I try to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Doesn’t always work out that way, though.

    • Having the challenge of Nano was quite enough. I’m glad I did it, cuz now I know I could do it again, but I may not. I’d rather just work on writing a novel instead of only working on getting the words down.

      On the writing site I’m a part of, there is a forum where the owner works with folks wanting to write novels, working through specific things in the beginning before giving the authors more open rein.

      That may be my next event I would try, but not until next year. I really need to get my paperwork taken care of first and it seems when I take on new things the old things get shoved back into the corner.

      Thanks for the comment.

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