Any Suggestions For a Business Web Site?

I’m looking to set up a new website for our window cleaning business. I need to find one that is free to run.  I know that usually means getting something with the web site name tagged on the back of it. For instance, my blogs here on Word Press are free, therefore after the name of the site, they all have Whereas if I were paying for them they would be (note-not a valid link)

I know several web sites that are used for photo blogs, or a place to store writing that an author does; do any of you utilize a particular web site for this purpose? Again, I don’t plan on paying for something at this time, so it would need to have that option available until I would be able to switch it over when I could better afford to pay for it.

I’m looking for something appropriate for our window cleaning business, not something for the various blogs or writing that I do.




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2 responses to “Any Suggestions For a Business Web Site?

  1. I know some people that use Weebly. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I believe it’s free.

    • Thanks for the input. Instead I may check out webs further. I already have something there so if I have two things set up maybe it will help me remember how to get around the site.

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