To Be, or Not To Be: Getting Rid of those Pesky “to Be” Verbs


I’ve been studying how to get rid of the ‘to be’ verbs in the majority of our writing in order to make our writing stronger and clearer. This is a blog I found that talks about the same thing.

My students have just finished that all important cultural “trial by fire” and are one step closer to being full-fledged members of the Adult Society: The Senior Research Paper.

Or, as we call it nowadays: a documented essay.

I like this time of year–the senior research project–because it gives me some breathing space to get caught up on grading and other school paperwork and it also helps me to refocus my efforts on my own writing and its flaws.

Teaching others to write clearly, properly, and with a purpose is the best way to hone your own craft.

By the time I get high school seniors, the damage done by previous English teachers has pretty well permanently set in.

One of the more egregious outrages is the over use of the “to Be” verb and passive sentences.

Here’s the dreaded “to Be” verb list: is, am, are, was, were, be…

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