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English: Grammy's Potato salad

English: Grammy’s Potato salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I opened an account on hubpages a couple of years ago but never did anything with it since I was still writing articles for ehow.com and videojugpages.com. In the past year or so, ehow.com changed how they were accepting articles and I didn’t fit into their range of authors and later on vidoejugpages closed down their writing section and is only maintaining their video section from then on—to fit with what their site started out as.

Last month I began working on some of the articles I’ve written before to set them up for hubpages. Hubpages doesn’t allow anything currently available online to be published with them, but since the other places have completely removed my articles from their respective sites I’ve found I’ve been able to do so.

I’ve taken this long because I had still been working on proofing my husband’s novel. I finally finished that a week ago.

If you would like to check me out on hubpages the easiest thing would be to look me up by my user name there, which is Marsha Musselman1, (which is the number one).

So far I have two articles done, one on mums and the other on making potato salad for the very first time in my sixty-one years. I’m currently working on a third article which I hope will be published by Friday.

For the first five articles you write it takes up to forty-eight hours (I think) before they are finalized, meaning you publish them but they go before other’s eyes for final acceptance to the site, for they don’t want half-baked articles, or ones that are not accurate with spelling, grammar and the like.

My goal is to write seven articles in seven days. I have several fleshed out, and I have others where I’ve taken pictures of things I’ve cooked, but I just need to finish writing them, upload the pictures and publish them.

Once I have the five articles accepted then I believe they are published as soon as I hit the publish button.


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