About This Site

My name is Marsha Musselman and I’ve been writing articles on a handful of sites around the internet for a few years.

Many writers began writing at an early age and expected that they would have a career in writing one day. Some, like a friend of mine, went to college for a journalism degree and worked the past 20+ years at her local paper.

I don’t know what the percentage might be of those writers that invested their time into more schooling or work involving some type of writing (like she did). I, however, was not one who did. I’m different from the normal group of writers in that I did not do well in school with writing assignments.

In the seventh grade my mother began taking me and my siblings to the local library every two weeks. It didn’t take long and  I began to read more and more. Since that time I’ve had a love for books, but it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I began to consider doing something with writing.

Since then as my first blog post mentions briefly, I have had articles posted on various sites. I have made money off two of those sites. The better of the two paid me every time I accrued $10.00 in my account, which was about ever three months or so. All told I made approximately $125.00 there. Since then they have changed their payment plan to only have those with degrees in journalism write for them, one thing I do not have.

Another site paid me up front for writing five articles. They said they’d pay me thirty dollars and paid me forty dollars instead. That was last October. Even though it is expected to be a paying site, no more money has come to me from them.

So, this blog will mainly be a blog about places on the internet in which a writer can make money whether they want to blog, write articles, e-books or whatever.

From time to time I may write about other topics.


10 responses to “About This Site

  1. Thanks for following my posts.
    I have often thought of writing for other than the personal fulfillment of it so I will look at your site with interest.

  2. Many people think writers get wealthy. Haha. If only.

    • It may be possible to get wealthy from writing, but just like any other business it usually takes money to make money and I for one am not ready to continue to dole out money before I’m sure of the results.

      A few years ago, I was introduced to someone who teaches writers how to build a website catering to a specific niche of the writer’s choice and then be able to gather emails from making information on that niche available in sections.

      For instance if I were to put together a site based on my knowledge of growing and propagating mums. I could give some basic information on the site for anyone to see. Then, I could make it available for anyone that wanted more information to sign up for a mini-course to help them further their education in this area.

      Along with that I could write one or more e-books to sell on the site. The cost to me would be the domain name, and web hosting, and building the web site if I couldn’t do it myself.

      He has it all worked out on how to find the best niches that get a lot of searches but where there aren’t a major amount of web sites similar to what you want to write about.

      The other way is to write that book that makes it on the top ten of the charts. 🙂

      The only thing is, it’s not quick. It’s a long slow process.

  3. A writer’s dream, to be on the top ten list. I write for enjoyment. The money would be great, but I’m happy just writing.

    • marsha4852

      I’m hoping to one day replace my current income with getting paid in some way for my writing, as I’m nearing retirement age with no IRA or that sort of thing to fall back on.

      I have several blogs, but someone at the conference told me this week that I should consider articles and short stories if I want to ever get paid for my writing.

      So, I may have to rethink my plans.

  4. How disappointing and annoying that they would prevent you from continuing to write for them, and all for just a piece of paper to say you can write when clearly you can. My housemate regularly writes for bidders on freelancer.co.uk if you haven’t previously been on there?

    • There are several similar places like freelancer.com to write for, but I’m pretty busy, generally, to work towards getting to the place where I get placed with a client.

      Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to do so, but possibly not until my husband helps out more with his business which I have been running for him for five years.

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