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An Apology to My Readers

I feel that I should apologize to my readers as it looks like many new people have found my blog since I was here last. I was busy with my Nano blog in November, which some of you may have found on  your own. I did pretty good with that this year as I found a place that I can blog for pay, and the same thing is available to any of you that might be interested.

The nice thing is that if you would like to write for the same site you do not have to have your own domain name nor pay for a server, but you will get paid. You don’t get paid for your posts, per se, but you will be paid for anyone that views, likes or comments on your posts. How many views,  likes or comments you get will be determined by how much of the same you give out.

Many people there, mostly newbies, think that until they reach a certain number of connections they will never see the revenue that they desire. It took me awhile to come to this understanding, but it’s not the amount of connections that we have but the amount of solid connections we make and some of that takes time.

Some people there began getting paid within the first three days to a week that they were there. It’s taken me longer than that, usually, because I work two jobs during the spring, summer and fall and then during the winter I try to get everything else done that didn’t get done during the nicer months. Even then I did have a few months were I was able to request my money within seven days, but it was more of a push for me than some of the others that are stay-at-home moms or dads.

If you’d like to check out my nano site it can be found here: For the most part there are links to at least ten posts per day there and all from the site where I’ve been spending my time daily since the beginning of August.

For those interested in checking it out further, I’ll be putting my referral code here. Make sure you read the rules, if you write me a note on my profile page (marsha4852) I can help with any questions you might have. I have been paid every time and I’ve received 12 payments thus far. It used to be that we were paid when we had $25.00 in our bank, but now we have to wait for $50.00.

Again, I apologize for not being here more.

After looking for so long for paying sites, I’ve received more here than ever before. It took me over a year and a half to make $125.00 at and I made $40.00 at (the writing site, no longer exists). A lot of us spend more time there than we probably should, but it’s hard not socializing with each other there as it will benefit us in the long run.



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Blog Readers

It’s interesting to me that even when I’ve not been consistent in posting, that I still get people from all over the world checking out my blogs on Word Press. Imagine what it would be like if I were to post on a daily basis, or at least on a regular basis? How awesome might the response be then?

It would be nice if readers did a bit of commenting so those of us that blog would know what it is that our readers are looking for in our blogs. I’d be interested in knowing whether they are finding what they were searching out, or whether they are left wanting, as the latter would not be something those of us that write would want them to feel.

I have a friend with a new blog on blogspot that wonders, as we all do, why it is that she has many views but not so many comments. I don’t know that even the guru’s have an easy answer to that question.

People want to read, some don’t want to get involved on a more personal level. Some of it may be related to how easy it is to make comments. Some blog platforms want you to be a part of that particular site to post a comment.

I will have to check it out, but I think it’s only blogspot that currently allows commenting from even those without any affiliation to their own blog or website, this may be known as ‘Open ID‘. I do have to make sure that Word Press hasn’t made these changes also in allowing just about everyone to comment if they so choose.

Not only do the blog platforms need to have a wide range of ID’s for those that want to comment, but the blog owner needs to make sure that they are utilizing whatever it is that their blog host has available. They need to check periodically in the hopes  that the platform they use increases the options available for the one that wishes to comment.


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