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An Apology to My Readers

I feel that I should apologize to my readers as it looks like many new people have found my blog since I was here last. I was busy with my Nano blog in November, which some of you may have found on  your own. I did pretty good with that this year as I found a place that I can blog for pay, and the same thing is available to any of you that might be interested.

The nice thing is that if you would like to write for the same site you do not have to have your own domain name nor pay for a server, but you will get paid. You don’t get paid for your posts, per se, but you will be paid for anyone that views, likes or comments on your posts. How many views,  likes or comments you get will be determined by how much of the same you give out.

Many people there, mostly newbies, think that until they reach a certain number of connections they will never see the revenue that they desire. It took me awhile to come to this understanding, but it’s not the amount of connections that we have but the amount of solid connections we make and some of that takes time.

Some people there began getting paid within the first three days to a week that they were there. It’s taken me longer than that, usually, because I work two jobs during the spring, summer and fall and then during the winter I try to get everything else done that didn’t get done during the nicer months. Even then I did have a few months were I was able to request my money within seven days, but it was more of a push for me than some of the others that are stay-at-home moms or dads.

If you’d like to check out my nano site it can be found here: For the most part there are links to at least ten posts per day there and all from the site where I’ve been spending my time daily since the beginning of August.

For those interested in checking it out further, I’ll be putting my referral code here. Make sure you read the rules, if you write me a note on my profile page (marsha4852) I can help with any questions you might have. I have been paid every time and I’ve received 12 payments thus far. It used to be that we were paid when we had $25.00 in our bank, but now we have to wait for $50.00.

Again, I apologize for not being here more.

After looking for so long for paying sites, I’ve received more here than ever before. It took me over a year and a half to make $125.00 at and I made $40.00 at (the writing site, no longer exists). A lot of us spend more time there than we probably should, but it’s hard not socializing with each other there as it will benefit us in the long run.



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Found a New Writing Site

Recently I found a new writing site, I think it was because I followed a link provided by one of my friends on Facebook. Surprisingly, it panned out. It’s another site similar to and in that it allows writers and clients to meet up online with the client paying for the writing that the writer performs.

One thing different with this site is that it allows the writer to provide links to other places they’ve been published before in the form of clips on their Portfolio.

I haven’t taken the time to work out all the logistics of the site as yet, but when a client finds a writer that writes the way that they in particular prefers, they ask the writer to write for them. They then put the fee they are paying into an escrow fund on the site and when the project is completed the writer can then access those funds via their PayPal account.

Some people are afraid to use PayPal, but it is pretty much the only method that most paying sites will use. I have used it for several years now and I’ve always received my funds in the manner in which the website has as their policy. Many sites wait until at least ten dollars is in the account before they will release the money to the writer.

Sometimes there can be a problem with this. I used to write for a site that is no longer in business, although they have recommended a new site that may be even better than the previous one. For this, I’m talking about a site I used to write for called There is still video portion of the site, but no longer the writing portion. The new site they recommended is I did begin setting up an account with them and probably should check it out further. I may find that the problem I began discussing before this long explanation might be taken care of if I write for them also.

The problem I have is that I have approximately six dollars sitting in my Amazon account, but like many others they wait until ten dollars have accrued before making those funds available to their associates/affiliates.  I had displayed links to books on my pages with that others must have clicked on and then purchased materials. Now that is no longer open, I may never see that money. On the other hand, possibly will incorporate many of the same features that videojugpages did allowing me to continue to add to what is already sitting in my account.


Back to where I began. The new site I joined recently is I tried to link my portfolio here, but I won’t know if it worked until I publish this post as it’s not showing up in the preview.  I am just getting started, but you can check out my link and see if it’s something you might be interested in yourself. (Just in case, I will put the link down below) I’d be curious what places any of you might write for. I’ve heard good and bad things about many of the places for freelancers and I think a lot of it has to do with the effort involved into making it work.

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First Ever Blogging Job Possibility

I have the possibility of getting my first actual blogging job. I still have to get more information about it. It would be a major commitment for me as they expect ten blogs each week, although it may be only for the summer months. I would be replacing someone who wanted the summer off for other endeavors.

I would be working for a company in the United States that have doctors for clients, many of them being Podiatrists. It would involve getting interviews, which would be provided, and then doing some research on my own. I would need to incorporate both aspects into each blog.

I would be paid for my blogging, and it would be a decent starting wage for me, better than working with Elance or some of the Freelancing sites, and it would be something I can use on my CV.

The main problem I may have is delegating my time properly because, unfortunately, I enjoy certain computer and Facebook games with my friends. I don’t play them as often as I used to and having a goal of quitting one of my two jobs within two years may give me the impetus I need to make it happen, but I still need to consider the cost before making the commitment.

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General Freelancing Sites

I joined another freelancing site similar to Elance in which the organization allows writers to be matched up with jobs. Generally, writers state how much they will charge to write an article or story or whatever it is the person paying wants. Some are even looking for ghost writers.

The new site I registered with is simply called: I thought it was, which would be very easy to remember, but after trying to log in several times, I checked my list of websites I’ve joined and found it was really

There is a but I didn’t join that one and don’t plan on it at this time, so I don’t know how different it may be. works in a similar manner to Elance except when an author has been around for a bit, they will have ratings and other specification under their name so that those considering them for a job would know how reliable they might be. The same goes for those paying for skills requested.

Elance may actually have these same ratings in place by now. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve checked out their site.

After I registered for, I read that those type of sites were questionable at best since a lot of those looking for work are from other countries and offer their skills for less money than most writers in the US would want to consider, making it harder for the rest of us to make decent money doing what we enjoy.

Once I read that, I decided not to visit either site any longer, or consider it for a way to make some extra money. Since then, though, I did hear from another writer that those sites are just as valid of a place to offer services as magazines or newspapers. In fact, a writer or other skill provider might find that they are able to make more money from working for this type of site than they would in certain venues, especially if they would be seen as an unknown.

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Making Money Online

Elance Meet and Tweet: Varnish Art Gallery - S...

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Over the past few days, I found new information about different ways to make money online. The first one I found is similar to one I mentioned earlier. The one I found several years ago is at, while the one I found yesterday is at They are set up the same way. It’s possible to be a writer -of various types, or sell your knowledge of web design, and all the different types of technology if you know and understand what you’re doing in those fields.

A new person works through a series of skills. There are one or two that are free, the rest of them have a small fee attached. As the skills are worked through, the individual’s ratings increase.

Those that are looking for someone to meet their needs posts what the job entails on the site. Each person that is interested in a specific job, bids on those jobs. Then the prospective employer accepts whichever bid they like.

If a person wants to pay a fee for being a part of the site, they are entitled to a Gold membership, which means they may get more work than those that have the free membership.

Along with making money online by selling a service of some type, another way is to be an affiliate for specific products or websites. For instance many of the  web-hosting locations have affiliate programs available for their members to make additional money.

Today, I located two new ones, although I still have some work to do to understand them before sharing more about them here.

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More About Content

This site has a lot relating to tourist attractions, but it also contains many articles relating to writing that any writer should check out.

Introducing WordAds, and the Bangari Mission.

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Different platforms and websites for writing and blogging

Originally posted on on January 19, 2011

I started a blog on typepad before I began my blogs with wordpress. Typepad was the fourth web site that I utilized to blog. I also have several web sites that I use to write different types of articles. I’ve been paid to write for and I’m a bit curious whether anyone else in blog land has found a decent platform to make money either blogging or writing articles and other materials, and if so whether they might care to share what site they prefer. Just found WEbook, haven’t joined, not sure that I will or at least not until a later date. Any comments about any site I know about or not is fine by me.

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