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An Apology to My Readers

I feel that I should apologize to my readers as it looks like many new people have found my blog since I was here last. I was busy with my Nano blog in November, which some of you may have found on  your own. I did pretty good with that this year as I found a place that I can blog for pay, and the same thing is available to any of you that might be interested.

The nice thing is that if you would like to write for the same site you do not have to have your own domain name nor pay for a server, but you will get paid. You don’t get paid for your posts, per se, but you will be paid for anyone that views, likes or comments on your posts. How many views,  likes or comments you get will be determined by how much of the same you give out.

Many people there, mostly newbies, think that until they reach a certain number of connections they will never see the revenue that they desire. It took me awhile to come to this understanding, but it’s not the amount of connections that we have but the amount of solid connections we make and some of that takes time.

Some people there began getting paid within the first three days to a week that they were there. It’s taken me longer than that, usually, because I work two jobs during the spring, summer and fall and then during the winter I try to get everything else done that didn’t get done during the nicer months. Even then I did have a few months were I was able to request my money within seven days, but it was more of a push for me than some of the others that are stay-at-home moms or dads.

If you’d like to check out my nano site it can be found here: For the most part there are links to at least ten posts per day there and all from the site where I’ve been spending my time daily since the beginning of August.

For those interested in checking it out further, I’ll be putting my referral code here. Make sure you read the rules, if you write me a note on my profile page (marsha4852) I can help with any questions you might have. I have been paid every time and I’ve received 12 payments thus far. It used to be that we were paid when we had $25.00 in our bank, but now we have to wait for $50.00.

Again, I apologize for not being here more.

After looking for so long for paying sites, I’ve received more here than ever before. It took me over a year and a half to make $125.00 at and I made $40.00 at (the writing site, no longer exists). A lot of us spend more time there than we probably should, but it’s hard not socializing with each other there as it will benefit us in the long run.



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Checking In With My Readers

Just thought I’d stop and check in with my readers. I’ve stopped doing the 30 day blogging challenge if you didn’t notice that already on your own. Since I’m trying to get things done in my house so I can delegate more of my free time this winter to research and writing in my many blogs, I decided that any extra thing I get involved in takes away from my goals in that area.

I did the prompt blogging for six days, and that was enough. I found that all the members of the group weren’t even doing the posting this month as it’s considered an unofficial month. Every other month is either official or unofficial. On the unofficial months the members that want to take part take turns giving a prompt while the rest write something relating to that prompt.

For the official months the group leader gives all the prompts and there are prizes involved to those that participate. Nano took enough of my time,.I need to minimize the extra tasks I take on, not make things worse, otherwise, I’ll never get things accomplished.

I’m hoping to work the revisions into my husband’s book within the month and then begin to send his manuscript to a friend that has agreed to proof it for us. Rather than working with the small press as we had planned we may check into publishing the ebook format first with Amazon.



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December 3, A Head-start on My New Year’s Resolution.

Prompt: A New Normal, or Looking For Your New Normal

I wasn’t actually thinking about having a new normal in those terms, this year. I know that is something you think about during New Year’s resolution‘s time.

After nano, though, I do want to make some changes in my writing. I want to post in my offsite blogs on a consistent basis. Right now, I’m putting my posts from this challenge on my freelancing blog there, daily. Later I hope to write on at least two blogs weekly if not more often than that.

For my new normal I also want to get my life in order more. I need to work on organizing several rooms and during the winter months is about the only time to be able to do this as I’m not so busy. I also want to get my papers worked through. I do my best to throw away junk mail as it comes in, but it’s all the other mail that piles up. A lot of it I haven’t looked at in a long time, but since I don’t know what all of the piles contain, I can’t just throw it all away without going through it all first.

I hope to burn a lot of my spreadable’s as my shredder quit working a year or so ago. I am quite behind on that task.

That is enough to get me started on a new normal for my life. I have so many things that I’m behind in, but if I can accomplish those things, it will free up time to work on the others at a later date, oh joy!


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Let’s Go Nano-ing, Shall We?

Even though I’m posting this on 10/31/12, I worked on writing it the day before hoping to write even more. I may write another post later today while everyone else is ‘trick or treating’.


What is nano-ing, you might ask? Nano is short for NaNoWriMo, and that in turn is short for National Novel Writing Month, which is in November.

The goal of nano is to write a 50k word novel in one month, the idea is to write, write, write without going back and doing any editing whatsoever. Those entering the contest aren’t supposed to begin the novel before the first of November, so it’s highly improbable that anyone would have it ready for publication when November is over.

In fact, I ran across a nanoedmo contest elsewhere. That stands for National Novel Editing Month. Most of the things we write needs editing not just once, but several times to make it the best.

I am a submission editor for a Small Press publishing company and one thing I have found is that many new authors have a friend, spouse, or relative read their work, and if that person doesn’t see issues that need fixing then the author figures it’s good to go.

I’ve seen this from experience also. I know someone close to me that wrote a murder/suspense novel. He allowed several co-workers to read it as it he got chapters finished. All of them loved the book. I found a few things that needed to be changed, and he had a problem fixing them because the rest of those that read it had no problem with what I felt were inconsistencies.

We did have a writer friend take a look at it and she pointed out several things that we needed to change relating to punctuation and certain grammar issues. Even then it didn’t pass muster when sent in. The submission editor there found things that I didn’t think about, (I’m still new at this). When it’s revised I hope to find someone with an English major, or a degree in copy-editing to make sure it’s right.

But, I digress. After joining the writing site, I found out about nano and had an idea of what I could write when the contest began. I don’t remember what I wrote about, but I know I didn’t do very well. During that month I read things about some of the participants taking part in a prep group to get ready for putting their all into writing during the designated month.

There is a whole list of things they try to accomplish to get ready to write without actually writing the novel before the contest begins. Things like working out a back-story for both the antagonist and protagonist. Another thing they do is draw a map. It could be a map of the world if it’s a sci-fi/fantasy novel. For my second attempt, it was the inside of a factory where much of the story takes place. Doing this prep in October hopefully makes it easier for the creative juices to flow in November without drying up, or getting the dreaded ‘writer’s block’.

The second time I participated, I did most of the prep work in October that helped me write more than I did the first time, although I still fell short of the goal of 50k words. I’m not sure whether inexperience had something to do with it or not having enough meat to the story line, or working more than expected.

Since then, I haven’t bothered to consider nano. A friend on the writing site began several years ago to do something that she calls Nano Rebel, she did this only on the writing website, not on the official web site. She is hoping to do freelance work and writing articles more than writing novels.

She invited others to become a nano rebel this year with here. I wasn’t going to do it because I thought if I don’t have the time to write a novel, then I wouldn’t have the time to do that either, but since then, I have changed my mind.

I need to build consistence in my writing habits and what better way to do this than to participate in this way. Included in this project will be writing on my many blogs, writing new articles or stories, doing reviews and things of that nature. Basically anything new I write. It won’t include editing something previously written.

I’m not sure yet where I will post my endeavors. I may make a new page on this blog to contain my nano rebel efforts and divide it up according to the type of writings it is including. I considered putting it on my webs blog as I haven’t used that one yet other than saying I wasn’t planning on using it. I get a lot of views here, so it would make sense to use Word Press as the place to display this.

My goal will be to write approximately 1666 words per day.

This post is 863 words.


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