My non-novel for nanowrimo

This page didn’t stay the location to my nano posts as I had hoped it could. I went ahead and moved what I was doing for nano to a new blog located at. I am behind in word count, but hope to catch up one of these days. Each day I get a little further ahead, yet I have a long way to go.

Tomorrow is the half way mark and I’m about seven thousand words below what it should be then.

This is the current location for my posts for writing during November. My goal is to get to 50k words in the one month. 

I’m not sure what a page allows me to do, so I’ll check this out tonight and see if I want to start a whole new blog just for nano later on if this doesn’t work out that well.

At midnight November 1, I completed a review for a story on Here is the review.

This is good, you had me on the edge of my seat until I almost fell off at the end. What happened to the ending? That must be the ending of chapter one, if you’re not going to do more with this book, then you may want to lengthen this story a bit more to have a better ending.

The sub-title says it was a new neighbor, yet she talks about recently purchasing the property. If it was less money than she expected it to be and if she now thinks it’s because of the information she found on the computer, then it sounds to me like the other person lived there for a while and she is the new neighbor. Maybe it’s just the way that portion of the phrase reads,

Another idea would be to end the sub-title with secrets and not include the part about the neighbor. This would avoid confusion at least until you work on the story a bit more.

This is a review for

914 wds


4 responses to “My non-novel for nanowrimo

  1. You have a few blogs then 🙂
    I did Nano last month and was far behind on my word count all the way up until the end when I did an insane marathon.
    I hope if you didn’t manage to get it complete within the month you didn’t lose heart and kept at it 😀

    • It was the first time that I made it all the way, but I didn’t work on a novel like most; instead I used blog posts, forum posts and just about anything toward my daily count.

      I like your blog and tried liking it, not sure if it worked or whether you’ll get the comment I posted. (I don’t see it there as I usually would).

      • I got your comment thanks 🙂
        I have to approve comments before they are posted – there is alot of spam out there 😛
        I don’t have a notification of you following it though.

        • I didn’t request to have posts emailed to me, I put follow down where it shows my notifications. Then when I want I can view the blogs I follow on my reader (with wordpress).

          I figured you’d have to okay the comments, but sometimes they show up when I use a different browser. Usually, it will say that my comment is awaiting moderation, but nothing like that showed up.

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