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Wix Website Creator–For Personal or Business Use

I’m curious how many of you might utilize Wix.com as a website building tool for your blog or other type of site? I’ve heard of it in the past, but I’ve never taken the time to check it out before. I’ve been looking at several of the templates. I don’t know  yet how I might make use of it, but for starters I might use it to make a page for our small business we run out of our home.

Depending on how easy it is to use once started, I may move some of my other blogs there instead. Years ago, I began several pages using the yolasite software, which is free also, but they have changed so much in the years since and I don’t go there on a regular basis, that I’ve forgotten how to work my way around the place—even my own site.

If anyone reading this has used Wix in the past, I’d appreciate any feedback you may  want to leave me along with links to any sites  you may have put together with their templates. I’d be glad to pay you all a visit.




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December 3, A Head-start on My New Year’s Resolution.

Prompt: A New Normal, or Looking For Your New Normal

I wasn’t actually thinking about having a new normal in those terms, this year. I know that is something you think about during New Year’s resolution‘s time.

After nano, though, I do want to make some changes in my writing. I want to post in my offsite blogs on a consistent basis. Right now, I’m putting my posts from this challenge on my freelancing blog there, daily. Later I hope to write on at least two blogs weekly if not more often than that.

For my new normal I also want to get my life in order more. I need to work on organizing several rooms and during the winter months is about the only time to be able to do this as I’m not so busy. I also want to get my papers worked through. I do my best to throw away junk mail as it comes in, but it’s all the other mail that piles up. A lot of it I haven’t looked at in a long time, but since I don’t know what all of the piles contain, I can’t just throw it all away without going through it all first.

I hope to burn a lot of my spreadable’s as my shredder quit working a year or so ago. I am quite behind on that task.

That is enough to get me started on a new normal for my life. I have so many things that I’m behind in, but if I can accomplish those things, it will free up time to work on the others at a later date, oh joy!


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Blog Readers

It’s interesting to me that even when I’ve not been consistent in posting, that I still get people from all over the world checking out my blogs on Word Press. Imagine what it would be like if I were to post on a daily basis, or at least on a regular basis? How awesome might the response be then?

It would be nice if readers did a bit of commenting so those of us that blog would know what it is that our readers are looking for in our blogs. I’d be interested in knowing whether they are finding what they were searching out, or whether they are left wanting, as the latter would not be something those of us that write would want them to feel.

I have a friend with a new blog on blogspot that wonders, as we all do, why it is that she has many views but not so many comments. I don’t know that even the guru’s have an easy answer to that question.

People want to read, some don’t want to get involved on a more personal level. Some of it may be related to how easy it is to make comments. Some blog platforms want you to be a part of that particular site to post a comment.

I will have to check it out, but I think it’s only blogspot that currently allows commenting from even those without any affiliation to their own blog or website, this may be known as ‘Open ID‘. I do have to make sure that Word Press hasn’t made these changes also in allowing just about everyone to comment if they so choose.

Not only do the blog platforms need to have a wide range of ID’s for those that want to comment, but the blog owner needs to make sure that they are utilizing whatever it is that their blog host has available. They need to check periodically in the hopes  that the platform they use increases the options available for the one that wishes to comment.


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New Website

I began a new website recently. I still have much to do with it, but the main reason I started it was to have a place to fine all the places I’ve utilized to write. Mostly I’ve linked the several Word Press blogs I have, but I also am trying to link my lenses from Squidoo.com. So far, though, the link I have provided takes you to their main sign up page.

Since I have all the blogs on Word Press, I probably won’t be utilizing the blog on the website at least until a later date.

Yesterday, while entering a story I wrote several years ago into a contest on a writing site I’ve been a part of since November of 2007, I decided I might try to compile stories I have of a similar nature into a book and see how I might do in getting it published.

The website can be found here: www.muchadoaboutmanythings.webs.com.

I do want to say that if anyone decides to get their own free site, consider first what name you might want it to be called. It tells you that you can change the name after you’ve set it up, but I realized too late that it is probably talking about the name on the site, not the URL, as I’ve not been able to change that as I thought I could.

Another thing I like about this site is that it has ways to set up stores online, and you don’t need to have a paying site to use what is available. So far, I have cafe press set up, although I still need to figure out what products I want available and how the whole thing works.

Every day is a learning adventure, right?

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First Ever Blogging Job Possibility

I have the possibility of getting my first actual blogging job. I still have to get more information about it. It would be a major commitment for me as they expect ten blogs each week, although it may be only for the summer months. I would be replacing someone who wanted the summer off for other endeavors.

I would be working for a company in the United States that have doctors for clients, many of them being Podiatrists. It would involve getting interviews, which would be provided, and then doing some research on my own. I would need to incorporate both aspects into each blog.

I would be paid for my blogging, and it would be a decent starting wage for me, better than working with Elance or some of the Freelancing sites, and it would be something I can use on my CV.

The main problem I may have is delegating my time properly because, unfortunately, I enjoy certain computer and Facebook games with my friends. I don’t play them as often as I used to and having a goal of quitting one of my two jobs within two years may give me the impetus I need to make it happen, but I still need to consider the cost before making the commitment.

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