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Found Another Writing Site

I found another writing site that pays better than anything else I’ve found before. It’s not one of the ones that I was going to research out in one of my earlier posts. I will let you know more once or after I get my first payout because until then I really don’t know that it is legitimate.

I will say that you only have to wait until you make $25.00 before asking for your money whereas for Hubpages you don’t have it put into your PayPal account until your funds reach $50.00. When I wrote for Ehow.com the payout amount was $10.00 and they transferred it automatically.

This writing site began sometime last year, I believe and already they have over 60,000 members, so it’s a growing community.

For last month, July, on Hubpages I made $1.90 and that was writing nine articles over a two month period. They recommend longer photo and media rich posts to gain organic traffic eventually. For this site that I’m not naming yet, in the last sixteen days I’m up to $14.00 and the day isn’t over yet.

I would probably be higher than that but I took a few days where I didn’t do much and read a good book instead. Even then, it’s almost one dollar per day,  more than what I ever made at ehow or anywhere else for that matter.

I will keep in touch so you can take part in this growing community once I can guarantee the payout and tell you more specifics about it.

One other thing, if you prefer blogging you can blog, if you prefer article writing, you can write articles, if you like writing in a journal, then there are those that do the same and are happy to read the work of others.



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Writing Again

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English: Grammy's Potato salad

English: Grammy’s Potato salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I opened an account on hubpages a couple of years ago but never did anything with it since I was still writing articles for ehow.com and videojugpages.com. In the past year or so, ehow.com changed how they were accepting articles and I didn’t fit into their range of authors and later on vidoejugpages closed down their writing section and is only maintaining their video section from then on—to fit with what their site started out as.

Last month I began working on some of the articles I’ve written before to set them up for hubpages. Hubpages doesn’t allow anything currently available online to be published with them, but since the other places have completely removed my articles from their respective sites I’ve found I’ve been able to do so.

I’ve taken this long because I had still been working on proofing my husband’s novel. I finally finished that a week ago.

If you would like to check me out on hubpages the easiest thing would be to look me up by my user name there, which is Marsha Musselman1, (which is the number one).

So far I have two articles done, one on mums and the other on making potato salad for the very first time in my sixty-one years. I’m currently working on a third article which I hope will be published by Friday.

For the first five articles you write it takes up to forty-eight hours (I think) before they are finalized, meaning you publish them but they go before other’s eyes for final acceptance to the site, for they don’t want half-baked articles, or ones that are not accurate with spelling, grammar and the like.

My goal is to write seven articles in seven days. I have several fleshed out, and I have others where I’ve taken pictures of things I’ve cooked, but I just need to finish writing them, upload the pictures and publish them.

Once I have the five articles accepted then I believe they are published as soon as I hit the publish button.

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Websites That Pay Writers or Give Information Toward That Goal

A long time ago, in this blog I talked about discussing the websites out there that pay writers for content. At that time I was going to research places like ehow.com, videojugpages.com, elance.com, hubpages.com, squidoo.com, YahooVoices.com (used to be associatedcontent0-voices.yahoo.com). There was also helium.com and many more.

An author that I hold in high regard has written many aids to help writers such as you and I to succeed in getting paid for our writing using many of those sites.

Since that time, when I first posted my intention of researching the various sites, many have since either shut down or changed the format of what type of writers they are looking for.

One place that has recently shut down is videojugpages.com. While I did receive payment for five original articles from them, I never received any money thereafter, even though they eventually added advertisements to the pages. They were making money from my pages, but I wasn’t getting any of that money.

The only way I would have received any payment, I’ve since discovered was from books that I linked to my pages from the Amazon.com site, after signing up as an affiliate. As mentioned in yesterday’s post (assuming I get this done today), I do have six dollars waiting in my account on Amazon—waiting until it gets to the ten dollar minimum for dispersal.

Instead of discussing all of the websites that I intended to do earlier, I will instead discuss many new ones that I’ve been introduced to recently. I will also discuss ones that I am a member of or have been in the past and let you know what they might offer.

I began writing this post yesterday, and I’ve since decided to keep this an introduction to an article I will research and hopefully get published on another site that will pay me for the article.

I know that a lot of the places that I checked into previously paid writers by either page views or how many folks clicked on the ads on the pages written by each writer.

I made a reasonable amount of money over a couple of years and the money made related to ads clicked. Two other sites I’m a part of (squidoo.com and Yahoo Voices.com) both do theirs with views.

I’m beginning to think that I don’t like Yahoo Voices too much. They’ve changed it so much that I don’t know how to work with it anymore and I don’t have the necessary time to search that out just to raise my ‘clout’ with the site. With them it takes getting about a million views just to make one dollar and fifty cents. Now possibly, once you gain that readership the views keep coming even faster.

Once a person gets to that many views it is called ‘clout 10’, I’m currently at ‘clout 5’ which is a very small amount of views. I was reading some of my articles yesterday and noticed some typos, but I couldn’t see how to get into my articles and do some editing, nor could I see how to add anymore articles to my pages.

The only way I could find what I had written previously was to use the search feature within Yahoo Voices, putting my name and then articles afterward. At that time, my three articles did show up, but that was the furthest I was able to go with it.

I did find a forum with navigating helps, but everything one would need wasn’t all in one place and I really don’t have the time to read it all. I may just check into putting my articles into another site that is easier to remember how to navigate it.

I think the two things to watch for in choosing a site to write for is what is payment determined by and how easy is it to navigate the site. Unfortunately, I think part of the problem is when developers make their sites nicer for viewers they may also make it more difficult for the writers  to find what they are looking for.

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