An Apology to My Readers

I feel that I should apologize to my readers as it looks like many new people have found my blog since I was here last. I was busy with my Nano blog in November, which some of you may have found on  your own. I did pretty good with that this year as I found a place that I can blog for pay, and the same thing is available to any of you that might be interested.

The nice thing is that if you would like to write for the same site you do not have to have your own domain name nor pay for a server, but you will get paid. You don’t get paid for your posts, per se, but you will be paid for anyone that views, likes or comments on your posts. How many views,  likes or comments you get will be determined by how much of the same you give out.

Many people there, mostly newbies, think that until they reach a certain number of connections they will never see the revenue that they desire. It took me awhile to come to this understanding, but it’s not the amount of connections that we have but the amount of solid connections we make and some of that takes time.

Some people there began getting paid within the first three days to a week that they were there. It’s taken me longer than that, usually, because I work two jobs during the spring, summer and fall and then during the winter I try to get everything else done that didn’t get done during the nicer months. Even then I did have a few months were I was able to request my money within seven days, but it was more of a push for me than some of the others that are stay-at-home moms or dads.

If you’d like to check out my nano site it can be found here: For the most part there are links to at least ten posts per day there and all from the site where I’ve been spending my time daily since the beginning of August.

For those interested in checking it out further, I’ll be putting my referral code here. Make sure you read the rules, if you write me a note on my profile page (marsha4852) I can help with any questions you might have. I have been paid every time and I’ve received 12 payments thus far. It used to be that we were paid when we had $25.00 in our bank, but now we have to wait for $50.00.

Again, I apologize for not being here more.

After looking for so long for paying sites, I’ve received more here than ever before. It took me over a year and a half to make $125.00 at and I made $40.00 at (the writing site, no longer exists). A lot of us spend more time there than we probably should, but it’s hard not socializing with each other there as it will benefit us in the long run.


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Found Another Writing Site

I found another writing site that pays better than anything else I’ve found before. It’s not one of the ones that I was going to research out in one of my earlier posts. I will let you know more once or after I get my first payout because until then I really don’t know that it is legitimate.

I will say that you only have to wait until you make $25.00 before asking for your money whereas for Hubpages you don’t have it put into your PayPal account until your funds reach $50.00. When I wrote for the payout amount was $10.00 and they transferred it automatically.

This writing site began sometime last year, I believe and already they have over 60,000 members, so it’s a growing community.

For last month, July, on Hubpages I made $1.90 and that was writing nine articles over a two month period. They recommend longer photo and media rich posts to gain organic traffic eventually. For this site that I’m not naming yet, in the last sixteen days I’m up to $14.00 and the day isn’t over yet.

I would probably be higher than that but I took a few days where I didn’t do much and read a good book instead. Even then, it’s almost one dollar per day,  more than what I ever made at ehow or anywhere else for that matter.

I will keep in touch so you can take part in this growing community once I can guarantee the payout and tell you more specifics about it.

One other thing, if you prefer blogging you can blog, if you prefer article writing, you can write articles, if you like writing in a journal, then there are those that do the same and are happy to read the work of others.


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Writing Again

Image representing HubPages as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

English: Grammy's Potato salad

English: Grammy’s Potato salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I opened an account on hubpages a couple of years ago but never did anything with it since I was still writing articles for and In the past year or so, changed how they were accepting articles and I didn’t fit into their range of authors and later on vidoejugpages closed down their writing section and is only maintaining their video section from then on—to fit with what their site started out as.

Last month I began working on some of the articles I’ve written before to set them up for hubpages. Hubpages doesn’t allow anything currently available online to be published with them, but since the other places have completely removed my articles from their respective sites I’ve found I’ve been able to do so.

I’ve taken this long because I had still been working on proofing my husband’s novel. I finally finished that a week ago.

If you would like to check me out on hubpages the easiest thing would be to look me up by my user name there, which is Marsha Musselman1, (which is the number one).

So far I have two articles done, one on mums and the other on making potato salad for the very first time in my sixty-one years. I’m currently working on a third article which I hope will be published by Friday.

For the first five articles you write it takes up to forty-eight hours (I think) before they are finalized, meaning you publish them but they go before other’s eyes for final acceptance to the site, for they don’t want half-baked articles, or ones that are not accurate with spelling, grammar and the like.

My goal is to write seven articles in seven days. I have several fleshed out, and I have others where I’ve taken pictures of things I’ve cooked, but I just need to finish writing them, upload the pictures and publish them.

Once I have the five articles accepted then I believe they are published as soon as I hit the publish button.

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To Be, or Not To Be: Getting Rid of those Pesky “to Be” Verbs


I’ve been studying how to get rid of the ‘to be’ verbs in the majority of our writing in order to make our writing stronger and clearer. This is a blog I found that talks about the same thing.

Stories Worth Your Time

My students have just finished that all important cultural “trial by fire” and are one step closer to being full-fledged members of the Adult Society: The Senior Research Paper.

Or, as we call it nowadays: a documented essay.

I like this time of year–the senior research project–because it gives me some breathing space to get caught up on grading and other school paperwork and it also helps me to refocus my efforts on my own writing and its flaws.

Teaching others to write clearly, properly, and with a purpose is the best way to hone your own craft.

By the time I get high school seniors, the damage done by previous English teachers has pretty well permanently set in.

One of the more egregious outrages is the over use of the “to Be” verb and passive sentences.

Here’s the dreaded “to Be” verb list: is, am, are, was, were, be…

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Wix Website Creator–For Personal or Business Use

I’m curious how many of you might utilize as a website building tool for your blog or other type of site? I’ve heard of it in the past, but I’ve never taken the time to check it out before. I’ve been looking at several of the templates. I don’t know  yet how I might make use of it, but for starters I might use it to make a page for our small business we run out of our home.

Depending on how easy it is to use once started, I may move some of my other blogs there instead. Years ago, I began several pages using the yolasite software, which is free also, but they have changed so much in the years since and I don’t go there on a regular basis, that I’ve forgotten how to work my way around the place—even my own site.

If anyone reading this has used Wix in the past, I’d appreciate any feedback you may  want to leave me along with links to any sites  you may have put together with their templates. I’d be glad to pay you all a visit.



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Websites That Pay Writers or Give Information Toward That Goal

A long time ago, in this blog I talked about discussing the websites out there that pay writers for content. At that time I was going to research places like,,,,, (used to be There was also and many more.

An author that I hold in high regard has written many aids to help writers such as you and I to succeed in getting paid for our writing using many of those sites.

Since that time, when I first posted my intention of researching the various sites, many have since either shut down or changed the format of what type of writers they are looking for.

One place that has recently shut down is While I did receive payment for five original articles from them, I never received any money thereafter, even though they eventually added advertisements to the pages. They were making money from my pages, but I wasn’t getting any of that money.

The only way I would have received any payment, I’ve since discovered was from books that I linked to my pages from the site, after signing up as an affiliate. As mentioned in yesterday’s post (assuming I get this done today), I do have six dollars waiting in my account on Amazon—waiting until it gets to the ten dollar minimum for dispersal.

Instead of discussing all of the websites that I intended to do earlier, I will instead discuss many new ones that I’ve been introduced to recently. I will also discuss ones that I am a member of or have been in the past and let you know what they might offer.

I began writing this post yesterday, and I’ve since decided to keep this an introduction to an article I will research and hopefully get published on another site that will pay me for the article.

I know that a lot of the places that I checked into previously paid writers by either page views or how many folks clicked on the ads on the pages written by each writer.

I made a reasonable amount of money over a couple of years and the money made related to ads clicked. Two other sites I’m a part of ( and Yahoo both do theirs with views.

I’m beginning to think that I don’t like Yahoo Voices too much. They’ve changed it so much that I don’t know how to work with it anymore and I don’t have the necessary time to search that out just to raise my ‘clout’ with the site. With them it takes getting about a million views just to make one dollar and fifty cents. Now possibly, once you gain that readership the views keep coming even faster.

Once a person gets to that many views it is called ‘clout 10’, I’m currently at ‘clout 5’ which is a very small amount of views. I was reading some of my articles yesterday and noticed some typos, but I couldn’t see how to get into my articles and do some editing, nor could I see how to add anymore articles to my pages.

The only way I could find what I had written previously was to use the search feature within Yahoo Voices, putting my name and then articles afterward. At that time, my three articles did show up, but that was the furthest I was able to go with it.

I did find a forum with navigating helps, but everything one would need wasn’t all in one place and I really don’t have the time to read it all. I may just check into putting my articles into another site that is easier to remember how to navigate it.

I think the two things to watch for in choosing a site to write for is what is payment determined by and how easy is it to navigate the site. Unfortunately, I think part of the problem is when developers make their sites nicer for viewers they may also make it more difficult for the writers  to find what they are looking for.

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Found a New Writing Site

Recently I found a new writing site, I think it was because I followed a link provided by one of my friends on Facebook. Surprisingly, it panned out. It’s another site similar to and in that it allows writers and clients to meet up online with the client paying for the writing that the writer performs.

One thing different with this site is that it allows the writer to provide links to other places they’ve been published before in the form of clips on their Portfolio.

I haven’t taken the time to work out all the logistics of the site as yet, but when a client finds a writer that writes the way that they in particular prefers, they ask the writer to write for them. They then put the fee they are paying into an escrow fund on the site and when the project is completed the writer can then access those funds via their PayPal account.

Some people are afraid to use PayPal, but it is pretty much the only method that most paying sites will use. I have used it for several years now and I’ve always received my funds in the manner in which the website has as their policy. Many sites wait until at least ten dollars is in the account before they will release the money to the writer.

Sometimes there can be a problem with this. I used to write for a site that is no longer in business, although they have recommended a new site that may be even better than the previous one. For this, I’m talking about a site I used to write for called There is still video portion of the site, but no longer the writing portion. The new site they recommended is I did begin setting up an account with them and probably should check it out further. I may find that the problem I began discussing before this long explanation might be taken care of if I write for them also.

The problem I have is that I have approximately six dollars sitting in my Amazon account, but like many others they wait until ten dollars have accrued before making those funds available to their associates/affiliates.  I had displayed links to books on my pages with that others must have clicked on and then purchased materials. Now that is no longer open, I may never see that money. On the other hand, possibly will incorporate many of the same features that videojugpages did allowing me to continue to add to what is already sitting in my account.


Back to where I began. The new site I joined recently is I tried to link my portfolio here, but I won’t know if it worked until I publish this post as it’s not showing up in the preview.  I am just getting started, but you can check out my link and see if it’s something you might be interested in yourself. (Just in case, I will put the link down below) I’d be curious what places any of you might write for. I’ve heard good and bad things about many of the places for freelancers and I think a lot of it has to do with the effort involved into making it work.

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Any Suggestions For a Business Web Site?

I’m looking to set up a new website for our window cleaning business. I need to find one that is free to run.  I know that usually means getting something with the web site name tagged on the back of it. For instance, my blogs here on Word Press are free, therefore after the name of the site, they all have Whereas if I were paying for them they would be (note-not a valid link)

I know several web sites that are used for photo blogs, or a place to store writing that an author does; do any of you utilize a particular web site for this purpose? Again, I don’t plan on paying for something at this time, so it would need to have that option available until I would be able to switch it over when I could better afford to pay for it.

I’m looking for something appropriate for our window cleaning business, not something for the various blogs or writing that I do.



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Checking In With My Readers

Just thought I’d stop and check in with my readers. I’ve stopped doing the 30 day blogging challenge if you didn’t notice that already on your own. Since I’m trying to get things done in my house so I can delegate more of my free time this winter to research and writing in my many blogs, I decided that any extra thing I get involved in takes away from my goals in that area.

I did the prompt blogging for six days, and that was enough. I found that all the members of the group weren’t even doing the posting this month as it’s considered an unofficial month. Every other month is either official or unofficial. On the unofficial months the members that want to take part take turns giving a prompt while the rest write something relating to that prompt.

For the official months the group leader gives all the prompts and there are prizes involved to those that participate. Nano took enough of my time,.I need to minimize the extra tasks I take on, not make things worse, otherwise, I’ll never get things accomplished.

I’m hoping to work the revisions into my husband’s book within the month and then begin to send his manuscript to a friend that has agreed to proof it for us. Rather than working with the small press as we had planned we may check into publishing the ebook format first with Amazon.



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December 6, My Writing Journey

Prompt: Writing- the journey from rambling to refined.

A friend and I both have trouble writing without doing any rambling. For me that may be because blogging is somewhat casual, and many of my posts are written in that manner.

One of my goals is to write articles and for that I won’t be able to ramble at all. In fact if I find that I can write decent articles, then I would hope my writing would be more refined. Probably my writing won’t be where it should be in ten years, but at least it should be better than it has been in the past.

Along with writing articles, I want to get better at writing stories. I also want to have web sites set up with single blog niches. I have some ideas for how to accomplish this, and I have been making notes on topics I’d like to cover. Then I need to write some e-books on different aspects of each niche/topic and this is another way in which article writing will come into play and where it would be better for more refined writing.

Everyone’s journey will probably be different. That wouldn’t suggest that one journey is better than another, it would be what is best for each individual writer.

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